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  Welcome to the Sophomore page, Redbirds-

Class of 2018!


You may find the tool/infomation below helpful. Many of the sophomores will use this tool with their counselor to guide College and Career Readiness questions leading to answers or, maybe, more questions. We are here to help guide you toward the information you need to make great decisions. (Keep in mind the huge array of information awaiting you within the rest of the Guidance Website.)

Great college information!          

There is a wealth of college information at the website : . One particular publication that has all the ins and outs for the state colleges and universities in Illinois is "State Universities at a Glance". Dig around and you will find other useful information under "Publications", also.



Career Cruising update to a GREAT tool!       


Every student as a freshman takes an interest inventory career test through "Career Cruising" with Mr. Everage from the Guidance Team. Each student has a password and access through the website of not only their interest inventory results but to a vast array of connecting information at that location.  It is a very comprehensive aid for guiding students on a career path with high school course planning, videos about careers, interviews with people who work in the careers, links and resources. Just log in!


What's Next Illinois?                          One of the best websites for planning and questions while in high school to everything about post high school at What's Next Illinois It is a site where you will want to spend some thoughtful time planning and searching. It has lots of great information for parents/guardians, also!

Planning and Preparing for your AHS curriculum



Just a note---The listed classes are set into the schedule as a guide. There will be many students who choose to take two subjects per summer if the classes are available. Additionally, with all the terrific courses to select from and other academics options, please use this as a general framework for each year. The other options are found within the guidance webpage. Please call the counselor if you have any questions.




Well, Class of 2018, what is next for you?

→Are you where you want to be with your GPA?

→Do you know your GPA? (Its just like your birthday, you should know your GPA :)

→Community Service. Your future college applications will have a section wanting to know what you have done to give back to your community. Have you started community service work yet? Only 40 hours will earn .25 credit---just enough to have it listed on your transcript. You can earn up to 1.0 credit during your entire high school career. Now is a great time to do it before you have a job and a car payment.

→Extra Curricular activities. Have you joined and been participating in a club or organization? Have you joined a team yet? Make your high school career fun!

 Homework??? Is it completed and ready to hand in?

On time for all of your deadlines?

→Prepared for projects, tests, and quizzes?


    Have a great year SOPHOMORE REDBIRDS!!!


Class of 2018---Welcome to your SOPHOMORE year!







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