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After the first section of AHS Graduation Requirements, all other sections are listed alphabetically.

AHS Graduation Reqirements:

22 credits needed for graduation

→ grade levels for classes listed on chart


English 1 (9th)



College  Prep 


English 2 (10th)



English 3 (11th)



Communicating (10-12th)



English Elective (11th or 12th)



Speech, Theater, or English Elective ( most courses for 11th and 12th)



Auto Safety (usually 9th or 10th but can take it anytime)



Consumer Education (11th or 12th)



Health (9th-12th)



Physical Development (9th-12th)

               1 ½

  1 ½







(lab science)

Social Studies Elective (usually 9th or 10th & other options in 11th or 12th)



 U.S.   History A (11th or 12th)



 U.S.   History B (11th or 12th)



 American Government ( 11th or 12th)



Music, Art,Foreign Language, orCareer & Tech. Education

 1 total

 2-4 total


The following information is listed in alphabetical order by heading:


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses 

Taking college classes while still in high school and right on the AHS campus? Yes, we have that at Alton High. It is a huge positive signal to your future post high school institution that you are extremely serious about rigorous curriculum and high demands not only in high school but for your future. The AHS courses are designed for 11 and 12th grade students.

AHS offers a wide variety of AP testing toward the end of each school year. Students do not have to be in an AP class to participate in any of the exams. A successful grade on an AP exam is a widely recognized sign of college-level achievement. In fact, more than 90% of four-year colleges in the U.S. and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students college credit, advanced placement, or both on the basis of AP exam grades. The exams consist of multiple choice questions, free-response, and oral response. Since the test is optional, students are responsible for registering for the test and paying the fees associated with the test. Check with your guidance counselor and be sure to listen to the announcements. The cost of each AP exam is about $86.

For further information regarding AP, visit the following website:

The AP courses at AHS are:

  • Art History
  • College Prep English 4 (both semesters)
  • French 4
  • German 4
  • Spanish 4
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Physics 2
  • Biology 2


Alpha Awards

The Alpha Awards are a time-honored tradition at Alton High School to recognize outstanding academic acheivement of our senior Redbirds. The recognition occurs when a student has earned a certain cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) at the conclusion of their senior year. The GPA breakdown follows:

Platinum Alpha    4.5 and

Gold Alpha          3.75-4.49

Silver Alpha        3.0-3.74


Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit Classes receive transferable college credit from Lewis and Clark Community College (LCCC) or St. Louis University (SLU). Information in this section is current at the time of uploading. Changes by LCCC and in AHS staff could change this information. Dual credit is not recommended for grades of D or F in a class. Students must make the required score on LCCC placement tests to earn dual credit from LCCC. Transfer of dual credit is at the discretion of each college. Students are encouraged to get a transcript from LCCC in the second semester of their senior year to make sure that all of the dual credit classes that they have completed are listed.

AHS Class/LCCC Course #/Credit Hours


Architectural Tech/DRFT 131/3

CAD Tech/DRFT 146/3

Graphic Communications 1/ART 131, CRRD 142, CGRD 144/9

Graphic Communications 2/ART151, ART 161, CGRD 150/9

Voc Comp Net 1/CNET 131, 148/7

Voc Comp Net 2/CNET 142, CNET 154/7

Voc Welding 1/WELD 191/3

Voc Welding 2/WELD 193/3


Broadcasting (located under Technology/Business/Computer Education)

CP Eng 4 H/ENGL 131/3

CP Eng 4 Lit H/ENGL 132/3

Journalism 1/MCOM 134/3

Journalism 2 H/MCOM 145/3

Public Speaking H/SPCH 131/3


Early Childhood and Ed 1/CHDV 131/3


French 3A H/FREN131/4

French 3B H/FREN132/4

French 4A H/FREN 231/4

French 4B H/FREN 232/4

German 3A H/GERM 131/4

German 3B H/GERM 132/4

German 4A H/GERM 231/4

German 4B H/GERM 232/4

Spanish 3A H/SPAN 131/4

Spanish 3B H/SPAN 132/4

Spanish 4A H/SPAN 231/4

Spanish 4B H/SPAN 232/4


Basic Nursing Ass’t/NUAD 120/6

MATH (MATH credits earned from SLU only. All other credits earned from LCCC.)

AHS Class/SLU Course #/Credit Hours    

Calculus AB H/MATH 142/4 

Calculus BC H/MATH 143/4

AHS Class/LCCC Course #/Credit Hours


Anat & Phys H/BIOL 132/4

Biology 2 H/BIOL 131/4

Field Ecology/BIOL 165/3


International Politics H/POLS 231/3

U.S. History A H/HIST 231/3

U.S. History B H/HIST 232/3


Adv Web Pg Design/WEB 150/3

Broadcasting/MCOM 125/3

Computer Concepts & Software Applications/OTEC 151/3

Internet Literacy/WEB 135/3

Keyboarding/OTEC 119/1

Multi Media/OTEC 115/1


Honors Classes

Alton High School offers Honors courses in many subject areas. These courses incorporate acceleration of the learning material and a deeper penetration into the content and scope of the subject area. Emphasis is on the sequential development of the content area as well as critical and creative thinking skills.

Eligibility for enrollment in Honors courses is based on teacher recommendation, grades, and test scores. Student grades will be weighted in Honors courses to reflect differential in instruction and student workload.


Art History AP H

Graphic Production H


Economics H

Career & Technical Education

Architectural Technology DC HC    CAD Technology DC HC                   CPU Networking 1 & 2 DC

DigitalElectronics HC                    Graphic Communications 1 & 2DC                


College Prep English 1 H                 College Prep English 2 H              College Prep English 3 H

College Prep English 4 H  AP DC      College Prep English 4 H  DC         Early World Literature H  

Journalism 2 H DC                         Modern World Literature H

Foreign Language

French 3 H                                    French 4 H                                   German 3 H DC

German 4 H AP DC                        Spanish 3 H DC                            Spanish 4 H AP DC


Algebra 2 H                                  Calculus AB H AP (DC with SLU)    

Calculus BC H AP (DC with SLU)      Geometry H                                  Pre Calculus H


Band 3 H                                      Concert Choir H                            Orchestra 2 H


Anatomy & Physiology H DC

Biology 1H                                    Biology2 H AP DC                         Chemistry 1 H

Chemistry 2 H AP                          Physics 1 H                                  Physics 2 H AP

Social Studies

African American History H            American Government H                International Politics H DC

U.S. History H DC


Discussion and Debate H               Public Speaking H DC

Code key:

AP = Advanced Placement                                                                      

DC = Dual Credit with LCCC                                                        

H = Honors

HC – Honors Challenge


Illinois State Scholar Program

To be considered for State Scholar eligibility, you must:


  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Be a resident of Illinois
  • Attend an approved high school
  • Take the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam between September 1 and June 30 (by the end of the third semester before high school graduation*)
  • Perform in the top one-half of your high school class at the end of the third semester prior to graduation*, and/or score in the 95th percentile on the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam
  • Graduate from high school during the academic year in which you were selected as a State Scholar


Note that meeting the requirements listed above qualifies the student to be considered for this program, but does not guarantee State Scholar designation. Once all applicants who meet the above requirements have been identified, a specific formula is used to select State Scholars.

*(typically the end of your junior year in high school)


Please click here to be connected to the Illinois Student Assistance Commision website.


There is an entire section dedicated to the qualifications for NCAA on the front page of the Guidance webpage. Please just back up and find the section marked NCAA for all the great detailed information you need.


Recommended Courses for College Bound Redbirds

Special needs or circumstances

If you have or are experiencing a special need or circumstance needing attention or support, please contact your guidance counselor.


Which grade do I take which courses?

See the chart under Graduation Requirements


Well, Redbirds, we hope this has been helpful information in a condensed format. You will find all of this and more within the "Course Description Guide" tab within the Guidance website (just back up to the main Guidance page). It has a full listing of each department's class offerings including all requirements to be prepared for a particular class or course of study.

We wish you the best of everything in planning, studying and preparing for your future! We hope these informational tools help to provide you with academic essentials necessary in your decision making process. Please consult your guidance counselor if you have further questions.

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