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Planning is part of the key to success in high school and beyond. Many opportunities lie before you at Alton High School with diligent planning along the pathway to help make it all happen!  Just add your hard work, family, and staff along that way to help guide you toward your great dreams for the future!

When you see our REDBIDS walk the stage graduation night, you might wonder any number of the following:

-How did they earn free college credit while in high school?

-What did they have to do to particpate in an internship or co-op at one of the local businesses in town?

-How did their NCAA requirements become fulfilled?

-How did they take so many honors classes?

-Did they really earn academic credit for working?

-Can AHS students really take vocational course(s) which pave the way for certification for a future career?

-How did these graduates perform community service and earn high school credit?

-Do REDBIRDS really earn a CNA license and prepare for the next level of medical study?

-How do AHS seniors take classes at one of our local college campuses while enrolled in high school?

-Did they truly work in an AHS office assistant for high school credit?

-Did they keep improving their Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Answers to these questions and more lie before you in this section and in the rest of the guidance website. Your high school goals could certainly include some of the above-mentioned opportunities with intentional planning. Students  periodically have their 4 year high school plan all sketched out years in advance but don't worry--we offer guidance and hope along with opportunity in REDBIRD Nation.


The following information is presented in alphabetical order:


Alpha Awards

The Alpha Awards are a time-honored tradition at Alton High School to recognize outstanding academic acheivement of our senior Redbirds. The recognition occurs when a student has earned a certain cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) at the conclusion of their senior year. The GPA breakdown follows:


Platinum Alpha    4.5 and

Gold Alpha          3.75-4.49

Silver Alpha        3.0-3.74


Career Cruising

Every student as a freshman takes an interest inventory career test through "Career Cruising" with Mr. Everage from the Guidance Team. Each student has a password and access through the website of not only their interest inventory results but to a vast array of connecting information at that location.  It is a very comprehensive aid for guiding students on a career path with high school course planning, videos about careers, interviews with people who work in the careers, links and resources. Just log in!


(The) College Board---

Great college information within the section entitled "Big Future"

Great planning tools can be found at this website. This site can assist in many areas: general questions about where to begin the whole process of post high school planning; where to look for college assistance; videos about college; instant web connections at your touch; and a college planning and interest guide students can fill in to guide their search.

The College Board is a not-for-profit organization "committed to excellence and equity in education". Their mission "is to connect students to college success and opportunity".


Cooperative Work Experience (CWT)


The cooperative work-training program (CWT) is a program designed for students to adjust to the real world of work. Cooperative work training is offered to any student who has reached the age of 16, is employed and is probably looking toward a vocational course of study for post high school education. They may be having difficulties in the larger school environment, offering a smaller "school within a school" feeling. Student and parent/guardian will have consent forms to discuss with CWT staff, agreeing to follow the rules of CWT and maintain employment. The program consists of two parts, jobs orientation (the class) and work experience (the job). Enrollment in both components is required. CWT support classes are also offered in English, math, and social studies.


Graduation Requirements

22 credits needed for graduation

→ grade levels for classes listed on chart


English 1 (9th)



College  Prep 


English 2 (10th)



English 3 (11th)



Communicating (10-12th)



English Elective (11th or 12th)



Speech, Theater, or English Elective ( most courses for 11th and 12th)



Auto Safety (usually 9th or 10th but can take it anytime)



Consumer Education (11th or 12th)



Health (9th-12th)



Physical Development (9th-12th)

               1 ½

  1 ½







(lab science)

Social Studies Elective (usually 9th or 10th & other options in 11th or 12th)



 U.S.   History A (11th or 12th)



 U.S.   History B (11th or 12th)



 American Government ( 11th or 12th)



Music, Art,Foreign Language, orCareer & Tech. Education

 1 total

 2-4 total


Illinois Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC)

Great information for college!

There is a wealth of college information at the website : . One particular publication that has all the ins and outs for the state colleges and universities in Illinois is "State Universities at a Glance". Dig around and you will find other useful information under "Publications", also.



Illinois State Scholar Program

 To be considered for State Scholar eligibility, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Be a resident of Illinois
  • Attend an approved high school
  • Take the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam between September 1 and June 30 (by the end of the third semester before high school graduation*)
  • Perform in the top one-half of your high school class at the end of the third semester prior to graduation*, and/or score in the 95th percentile on the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam
  • Graduate from high school during the academic year in which you were selected as a State Scholar

Note that meeting the requirements listed above qualifies the student to be considered for this program, but does not guarantee State Scholar designation. Once all applicants who meet the above requirements have been identified, a specific formula is used to select State Scholars.

*(typically the end of your junior year in high school)

Please click here to be connected to the Illinois Student Assistance Commision website.



Interning is a great way to gain real world experience! We have had positions available in manufacturing fabrication and banking in the past. Be sure to check with your counselor to see what positions may be a possibility for this year.


Office Occupations Co-op

Office Occupations Co-op is a capstone course for seniors. It is the culmination of  classroom learning for the office world. Students apply their office skills applying their practical, advanced instruction received at  AHS to the work site through cooperative education. Approximately half of the school day is spent taking classes at AHS with the other half doing on-the-job training supervised by the designated  training sponsor and coordinated by the teacher coordinator. The related class at school is planned to develop skills and attitudes that are applied at the worksite.  A training plan is developed jointly by the teacher coordinator, training sponsor, and student that identify training to be provided. Training in the related class at school focuses upon the student’s career and technical education, with additional assignments based upon areas were performance indicates a need. Related instruction also includes workplace skills such as seeking and applying for employment, communication, maintaining professionalism, workplace ethics, etc.  Current generation equipment is utilized in the course to develop information management competencies required for employment in this cluster of careers. Instruction involves the use of simulations and computer-assisted instruction, as well as specific application software. Please check the course description guide for prerequisite classes needed.

Recommended Courses for the College Bound Student

REDBIRD Seniors taking college classes on the LCCC college campus during the school day

It's a great thing! If seniors have completed all their required subjects by lunchtime or so, they can take college classes at Lewis and Clark Community College at the LCCC campus (with prior approval). Unlike dual credit classes at the high school, the student and family are responsible for funding this particular educational opportunity. Please see your counselor to work out the details.


What's Next Illinois?  from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission

This is a great website for planning and answering questions while in high school. It has a great flow from high school information to everything about post high school at: It is a site where you will want to spend some thoughtful time planning and searching. It has lots of great information for parents and guardians, too!


Scheduling with intent--for 4 years












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