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Community Service


Redbirds giving back to the community!


Alton High has yet another unique credit offering within its vision for students. We are one of the few high schools in the state which allows students to earn credit for community service. It is not required.


You might be wondering why we have a section for volunteering. Aside from being a great thing to do :), here are the reasons why:

     1) Your future post high school applications will have a section where you will have to answer what you have you done to give back to your community. Lots of 9th and 10th graders find time for at least a 1/4 credit (40 hours). It goes right on your high school transcript for all in the future to see--even future jobs! We encourage the underclassmen to do the volunteering because juniors and seniors are so busy with school and many other things.

     2) Students can earn up to 1 entire credit during high school for community service. Some students use it for elective credit toward graduation.          

The list below will guide you in places to go. Please check with your guidance counselor if you have another non-profit group or agency  where you are thinking about volunteering to be sure it is approved. And, check with your counselor for the form you will need to have the agency or group, your family, and the supervisor of your volunteer work sign. 



Community Service Possibilities

Community service is about giving back—about extending a hand and lifting up.

The staff at Alton High School strongly encourage our students to participate in community service. We do not guarantee placement in any agency listed below. You should approach volunteering as you would a prospective job…appear neat, sharp, and within the AHS dress code guidelines. You should additionally wear your AHS ID so they know who you are…and remember to smile… :)

Alton Housing Authority

2406 Crawford St.                                          

Alton, IL

465-4269 (contact Lisa Brown)


Alton Memorial Hospital

1 Memorial Drive

Alton, IL

463-7311 (contact Irene McLaughlin)


Arms of Love Ministries

4854 N. Alby St.

Godfrey, IL



Beverly Farms

1)      Gift Shop or

2)      Activity Center

6133 Humbert Rd.

Godfrey, IL

466-0367 (contact Ann Stolter)


Beverly Farms Riding Stables

6133 Humbert Rd.

Godfrey, IL

466-0367 (contact Jeff)


Project READ

(through Lewis and Clark College)

5800 Godfrey Rd.

Godfrey, IL

468-4100 (contact Val Harris)


Provision Living

1391 D’Adrian Professional Park

Godfrey, IL

468-8010 (contact Michael Schmidt)


Boys and Girls Club of Alton

115 Jefferson

Alton, IL    (Juniors and Seniors ONLY)

Contact: Ms. West at AHS


Community Hope Center

1201 Hope Center Lane

Cottage Hills, IL

259-0959 (contact Lisa)


Crisis Food Center                                                                            

21 E. 6th St

Alton, IL  (ages 14 and up)

462-8201 (contact Susan Jolley)


Senior Services Plus & Meals on Wheels

2603 N. Rodgers

(in Old Thomas Jefferson School)

Alton, IL

465-3298 (contact John Becker)


Urban League of Madison County        

210 Williams St.

Alton, IL

463-1906 (contact Brenda McCain)


YWCA of Alton

304 E. 3rd St.

Alton, IL

465-7774 (contact Jim Barnes)



Have a great time earning credit a different sort of way!    






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