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AHS Visual ARTS.....So Much More Than What You See!

Learning to Draw and Think Creatively helps prepare students for the future.

The TRUTH IS....learning to paint, alter a photograph, design a website, or design an energy efficient home requires mastering skills that are often invisible to the naked eye, but are developed through a strong visual art education.

Our Nation's Economic and Social Landscapes are changing before our eyes. Now more than ever our kids need the lessons that the visual arts teach.


*We live in a visual age. Most children and youth spend 10 hours per day in front of screens composed of pictures and words.

*The arts provide jobs. 1.25 million Americans currently work in the visual arts.  Jobs for artists and designers are predicted to increase by 43% by the year 2016.

*Research also indicates that high school art programs engage students and keep in school those at-risk of dropping out.

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Alton School District: 1854 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002 | Phone: 618-474-2600 Fax: 618-463-2126

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