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Physics Club

The connection between physics and engineering is very close. Engineering is the application of the knowledge gained from physics. As such, we want to encourage students to become involved with engineering, but unfortunately do not have enough time during the class period to accomplish this task. That's where Physics Club comes in. Throughout the year there will be opportunities for you to apply what you have learned in class to the creation of some device made to accomplish some task set before you.
Contact Mr. Spainhour for meeting dates and times. Meet in room B351.


1st Semester

2nd Semster

Toothpick Bridge - You will design a bridge out of toothpicks (duh). It will have to support as much weight as possible while fitting into the design parameters.

Pumpkin Chunkin - You will design a device powered by elasticity or gravity that will shoot a pumpkin as far as it can possibly go.

Mouse Trap Car - You will design a car that is powered only by a mouse trap. It will have to travel some set distance, but to win the competition, it will then have to travel as far backwards as it can.
Rube Goldberg Machine - You will design a machine that is self run to do something simple. It will have to last a certain amount of time or steps.
Egg Drop - You will design a container for your egg so that when the egg drops from some height it doesn't break.

PVC Musical Instrument - You will design a non traditional musical instrument that can then play a simple song.
Electric Motor - You will design an electric motor powered by electricity that will run for 10 seconds.
Cardboard Boat - You will design a cardboard boat for one of three competitions: speed, creativity, or demolition derby.