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Social Studies

social studies staff
Mission Statement: The Social Studies Department at Alton High School is committed to assisting students in mastering and appreciating the principles of government and helping them to engage in the democratic decision making process. We work to cultivate an understanding of physical and human interactions on the Earth, to become informed citizens who recognize how events in one location affect people and events in other parts of the world, and to develop an understanding and appreciation for different cultures. Finally we promote a sense of patriotism within our curriculum and work to instill the leadership qualities that will serve our students as they embark on the exciting possibilities of higher education and a competitive workforce.
Social Studies Courses

Social Studies Courses

Course Descriptions include the course abbreviation, year of eligibility, number of credits earned, and the course numbers as they appear on the official transcript. In addition, a brief description of the academic content is provided, as well as, the instructor's name, prerequisite, and if the need for a recommendation is necessary for admittance.
(Note: A course syllabus is provided by the course instructor on the first day of class.)


Mr. Haug (Division Chair) 
Mrs. Hilgert (Dept. Head)
Mr. Brown
Mr. Fortschneider
Mr. Claxton
Mr. Hurley
Mr. Macias
Mr. Melton
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Belobraydic
Ms. Anderson